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Matthew J. Button, Attorney At Law, LLC maintains a focus on defending fellow Southwest Missourians against large, out-of-town, big-city debt collectors whose only job is to sue unsuspecting consumer/debtors. Bankruptcy is not the only option, and filing for bankruptcy will destroy your credit rating for years to come. The debt collectors do not want you to hire an attorney or show up for court so they can get a default judgment against you and 1) garnish your wages, 2) take money from your bank accounts or 3) put liens on your home or other property. The collection lawyers are not on your side and their only goal is to take your money and property through a default judgment, summary judgment, or consent judgment. I will go to court for you and fight for your rights. My firm is continuing a more than 25-year legacy of dedication to and protection of the rights of Southwest Missouri Consumers, and while I cannot promise any results in any particular case, I have been able to resolve the majority of my clients' cases with the client paying little, even nothing, to the debt collector. My fees are up-front, flat rate pricing based on the facts of the case and circumstances of the client.

Defenses in debt collection cases

There are various defenses that can be used in debt collection lawsuits. What works best for you depends on the specific circumstances. Possible defenses in these kinds of cases include the following:

  • The collector has no standing to sue — If the debt collection agency can’t prove to the court it owns your debt, it typically can’t sue you.
  • The collection agency has incomplete information — The collector does not have the original agreement between you and the creditor or does not have paperwork showing that your payments were properly credited.
  • The statute of limitations has run out — In these cases, the deadline for filing a debt collection lawsuit has passed. The time limit varies in Missouri depending upon the type of debt.

These are just some of the defenses that may be used. Once I learn the details of your case, I will discuss with you possible defense options. My firm is experienced with defending consumers facing all kinds of debt, including credit card debt. Whether you’re being contacted by the credit card company or a third party debt collector, we seek to reach a favorable settlement.

What happens if a debt collection lawsuit goes against you?

If you are sued in court by a debt collector and a default judgment, summary judgment or consent judgment is issued against you, you could face garnishment of your paycheck or bank accounts and liens on your home or other property. I will put my considerable knowledge of laws that protect consumers to work on your behalf when you are being sued by debt collectors.  

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At Matthew J. Button, Attorney At Law, LLC in Springfield, I defend consumers in Southwest Missouri against aggressive debt collection lawsuits. To schedule a free consultation, call my firm at 417-753-8038 or contact me online